Exceptional work

Hal, Enfield

It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of Fred Bilodeau. Fred is the owner of the company and was the general contractor and site supervisor for the weatherization and insulation of my house in the fall of 2013. The scope of the project involved blown-in insulation and weather sealing of our attic, slope walls, outside walls and crawl spaces of approximately 2200 square feet. In addition, a weather-tight door and frame were fabricated and installed onto our basement bulkhead entrance. We also had a whole house fan cover installed and other necessary modifications were designed and implemented. While major weather-sealing of a 75 year old house would be stressful for almost any homeowner, Fred's services were invaluable and I am extremely pleased with the final results. The quality of the work was consistently top notch. Fred's crews were knowledgeable, skilled and competent in their respective trades. The workmen that Fred used were professional, reliable, courteous and respectful of the homeowners property and privacy. Their pride in their work was evident and my wife and I felt comfortable with allowing them access inside our home. Fred's experience in weatherproofing and energy efficiency really paid off. He was knowledgeable about all aspects of the project and was able to plan, coordinate and manage all of the various activities. He remained closely involved in overseeing the project from start to finish. Throughout the project, I was impressed with Fred's commitment to generating a top quality product. When situations arose where extra work needed to be done because of hidden problems that were not apparent until the work had commenced, Fred took care of it without extra charge to us. In his proposal, Fred gave a clear breakdown of costs for each step of the project. When the project was completed, all the work was done as described as agreed upon. There were no hidden costs, extra expenses or any unpleasant surprises. As a consumer, I feel that Fred delivered exactly what he had promised. In closing, I am absolutely convinced that Fred and his Insulation Solutions of CT delivered the best value, in terms of the work done, for the price. Fred and his company are a rare find. I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Fred because I believe his exceptional work should be recognized. I would not hesitate to hire Fred again or to recommend him to my friends and neighbors.