So pleased

Susan, Meriden

I am so pleased with the work that Master Carpenters dba Insulation Solutions of CT did to make my home beautiful and warm! I had no idea how much proper insulation of my attic and walls actually meant; a warmer house in the winter, cooler house in the summer and it helps reduce outside noise. It also means fewer calls to my oil company and my furnace isn't running constantly. The rebate I received for the insulation was a bonus. On top of the insulation in my walls, Master Carpenters installed 1 inch thick foam board under my new siding. Fred is wonderful to work with and his crew is friendly, courteous and very concerned about keeping the homeowner happy. I've always liked my house, but now I love it!! It not only looks fresh and clean, but it is also protected from the wind, cold and heat. I will definitely do business again with Master Carpenters.